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Anonymous said: Hi! I'm doing an advocacy essay about anti feminism for my english class and i was wondering if you could suggest points/give me references. I'll understand if you can't though since you're probably very busy :) thank you for your time :)

A good place to start is Girl Writes What, also known as Karen Straughan.

She tends to talk about Anti-Feminist issues in a way that’s easy to digest while still providing a solid factual basis.

Consider this an introductory video.

Another solid example is Christina Hoff Somers. She’s been involved with Anti-Feminism for years despite calling herself a Feminist.

This article is fourteen years old now but everything she spoke of is still true. In many ways it’s gotten worse.

Finally, this is an archive of many of my own former writings on the issue. Though many of the issues I cover are several months old as the blog is one I held some time ago, my reason for offering it is in the hopes that it might spark something on your end and I’ll be able to provide any citations or facts you might need.

Anonymous said: i don't even know if i admire or detest you o.o

Why is that?

I am looking for a Straight woman on tumblr for some intercourse.

More and more people have been telling me they would like me to do the youtubery type things.

I’m considering it but I’d like to find a straight woman. A kind of Robin Givens to my Howard Stern.

An all male show would just get dismissed, I suspect so I’d like my counterpart to be female.

If you’re interested let me know. I might be willing to have a rotating cast as it were.

My ideal straight woman is curious, well informed, and very grounded. Because we know I’m a fucking whackjob.

Any takers?

Anonymous said: Im a senior at a school in california( sorry not gonna be mor specific) and ive basically decided i am going to record verbal consent and have a form signed a picture taken with the girl signed form and a video of her sayibg she explocitly agress to sexual activities I am sadly not kidding and my Girlfriend completely agrees and is going to be doing this too i wish this was parody

Send me pictures please.

I would LOVE to start a collection of California Sex Contracts.

Anonymous said: My best friend of 4yrs would participate in sexist jokes even pedo jokes ("is she legal?") when a day came and his friend took advantage of me (due to my naivete) he was unsupportive of me and brushed me off saying he knows the story and I led him on (he really manipulated me) anyway I am not a fan of sexist jokes anymore. He really showed me that a person who makes sexist jokes may actually be showing what is the tip of the iceberg and I'm just not laughing anymore.

Do you guys see what I see?

Anonymous said: So I'm currently writing a paper for a class about single-sex classrooms. The article Im reading states that feminism is to blame for the special privileges, needs and interests that females attain in a classroom. What do you think?

I would agree. We have relentlessly pursued anti male policies in the classroom from the earliest grades to college.



Are you a Male College Student in California? FUCKING RUN.



The State Legislature has passed, in its glorious wisdom a bill that…

BOO FUCKING HOO!!! Maybe since we live in a world where consent has become such a strange concept that actually scaring the shit into guys so they have to ask will be an amazing teaching moment. Fuck! Oh nooooo you have to actually ask the girl if they want to do anything. be fucking scared to be a convicted rapist i don’t care. Seriously. If i was about to blow a dude and he stopped and said “wait, are you sure you want to do this” I WOULD NOT BE OFF PUT!!!!! get the fuck over it, women have been scared for way longer to do anything. Being scared of being a convicted rapist is the least of your problems.

You’re not getting it. If you were blowing a dude *and he didn’t say anything* you could be brought up on Rape charges the next day because you are not required to be aware that consent was withdrawn.

He can say I said stop, or I flinched, or I didn’t act as involved. And that’s all it takes. He just has to seem not as into it.

And if you don’t pick up on that nonverbal cue… you’re a rapist. That’s assuming they even actually did give out such a cue.

Prove they didnt.

But if course YOU are going to say they didnt. You’re a fucking rapist.

You’ll then be charged in a kangaroo court of college students who are required by law to use the lowest standard of evidence to convict you.

And if you win on appeal? You can be tried AGAIN which is unfucking heard of on American law.

So you have laws impossible to follow, judged by college kids completely out of their depth, using the lowest possible standard of evidence, in a system that completely violates double jeopardy, and where you can be denied legal counsel or even the right to confront your accuser.

If you honestly think this is a good law you’re batshit fucking insane. There’s no way around it.

Anonymous said: in reference to my previous ask, you SHOULD differentiate, becaue lgbt/poc men have problems that they face that the average cis, white male does not. which is why i tend to think of the mra movement as more of a "white, cis, straight mans movement"

But think about the issues we consistently bring up. OVERWHELMINGLY the beneficiaries would be the very people you’re talking about.

Try this:

What if we dramatically boosted scholarships for males? What if we reworked how we teach males in grade schools? Who would be the primary benefactors of programs designed to reduce homicide, assault, and violence? Let’s say we reduced the 63% sentencing gap. Who do you think would receive the lions share of that?

And it’s not like we’re unaware of this. Here’s a post I made back before you could fucking reblog asks:

I believe that once we recognize people *as people*, and we teach men that there is a great deal of the system that is slanted against them and teach them *how* it is slanted against them there will be cataclysmic changes in the dynamic of our society.

See, that’s the key here.

When I fight Feminism I’m fighting a form of extremely dangerous pseudoscience. Worse it’s a pseudoscience that impedes our ability to ACTUALLY learn about gender, orientation, and so forth.

To put it another way… Imagine that the only people allowed to discuss, teach, or research evolution were Christian Evangelicals.

That’s how I feel about Feminism in relation to gender issues.

If you can understand the dangers of ‘research” done by Christian Evangelicals on Evolution… surely you can grasp why I feel abolishing the Feminist influence on gender sciences would bring a new and mighty tool into the hands of mankind.

Biology is a tool.

Geology is a tool.

Astronomy is a tool.

Mathematics is a tool

Genetics is a tool.

Tools that have, thanks to a very specific process, allowed us to transcend our place among the beasts of the earth.

Gender Sciences will be that next tool. Because it won’t simply *stay* gender sciences.

It will become the study of the human creature as an animal, and later as an animalian system working within a larger ecosystem.

Imagine the untold benefits of such understanding?

You tell me that People of Color and the LGBT communities have specific needs all their own. I don’t dispute that. But I’m not fighting for band-aids… I’m fighting for the Cure.

These feminists are selling snake oil to polio victims and I’m out here shouting. I’m not the next Jonas Salk… but he or she might be reading this right now.

I’m little more than a snot-nosed pamphleteer handing out sheets of paper with the word “SCIENCE!” written in big bold letters in the hopes of getting attention and interest in this new found idea.

Because we have to step out of the dark age mentality that is Feminist Gender Alchemy and step up to something new.

That will bring the salvation you, and I, dream of.

Anonymous said: Fun fact: this type of trolling can actually hurt people so stop

What type of trolling is that?

rushraptor said: Mistah C just wanted to say I give 100% behind you having a Youtube Channel

It’d be a lot of just me ranting. I’ve tried to do the whole scripted thing but that’s not how I operate.

Anonymous said: How many messages do you get in a day?

It varies. Usually it’s between a few dozen to a hundred or so. The overwhelming majority I handle privately. 

You caught me at just the right time for a screencap though, so here you go.

Most of these will get deleted because they’re just routine hate mail. The bulk of what I get is hate mail. A lot of them are pleas for help, or just questions about the movement and my ideas in general.

Hope this helps. =)

trolleighwoodbound said: Ever thought of starting your own YouTube channel? Unless, you already have. In which case, I feel sheepish. Ha. Anyway. I'm new tumblr and *haaaaaate* feminism. You're one of the first people I followed. Rock on. Oops. That wasn't a question. Rock on? there.

I have seriously been considering it lately.




  “If you weren’t here from the beginning then you’re a fake fan”. That’s just like saying my sister isn’t a part of my family because I escaped the vagina first. 



Escaped is right. Your mothers vagina is like a Michigan Swamp on payday. Hot, sweaty and chock full of every red neck motherfucker in a fifty mile radius shooting off a Midafternoon walmart special.

Escaped indeed.

(via iliveinafandomworld)

atma505 said: So do you automatically hate anyone who came out of the womb male? You realize that people are individual, with varied opinions, outlooks and life choices, and that many of them can find biased acts of biased violence just as despicable as you. Why not take a stand against violence? Why against men? People could collect separate snippets and events and articles and use them against others as much as they'd like -- it's not healthy to conform groups of people into cubicles like this.






by hating men i AM taking a stand against violence. i am taking a stand against the male violence committed against me and my sisters. i am saying that i place my safety and my self-preservation over placating men. 

and lol like a shit-for-brains male like you would understand what is and isn’t healthy for women while you sit there behind your computer jacking off to degrading images of women’s bodies and furry porn.. go fuck yourself.

ladies, if tumblr has taught me anything it’s that guys who go out of their way to invalidate your man-hate are the same guys you should stay the fuck away from. i mean, out of all the individuals with “varied opinions, outlooks and life choices” a pornsick fucker like you is the last person who should be messaging me about hating men.  

This is what a *real* feminist thinks like.

This is the real deal kiddos. Take it all in.

This is the type that makes a career out of her hate. Who finds endless ways to justify it.

This is the kind of woman who, if born straight, would’ve found a reason to drown her little male baby in the bathtub.

This is what a Feminist looks like. This is who you choose to associate yourself with.

"The hairy heterophobe" hahaha

literally the only thing you are taking a stand against is intelligence, hairy heterophobe..

lmao mr-cappadocia, this isnt feminism, you’d know that if you paid any attention to the feminist movement. feminism is a movement for equality between genders, but this person is not a feminist. do not try to give feminism a bad name because of those who choose to degrade its meaning. 

instead of trying to make feminists look like crazy man-hating women, you could take the time out of your day to actually learn something about it. 

You’re repeating the marketing slogan and calling it wal-mart. Me? I’m showing you the CEO.

Anonymous said: Are you a feminist?